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Videos of webinars and conference presentations

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Backend equipment and the need for SECS/GEM & GEM300

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Cost-effective automation for legacy factories

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Cost-effective data collection for legacy factories

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EDA data collection in semiconductor manufacturing

  • Card cover of presentation Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Scheduling in Complex Semiconductor Equipment

Reinforcement learning for efficient scheduling in complex semiconductor equipment

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Machine Learning for improved scheduling and throughput in semiconductor equipment

Presentation slides

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Machine Learning for cluster tool throughput optimization

  • Practical machine learning

Practical machine learning for tools

  • Learning to share

Learning to share: Securing data access in a paranoid industry

  • Accelerate your manufacturing

Accelerate your manufacturing with Smart Factory automation

  • Next-gen communication

Next-gen communication for Smart Manufacturing

  • Cybersecurity for OEMs

Cybersecurity for OEMs: protecting equipment against cyber threats

  • Managing big data

Managing your Big Data for Smart Manufacturing

  • Helping OEMs scale

Helping OEMs scale up to big data volumes

  • Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for factories and tools

  • Throughput optimization

Throughput optimization in sophisticated equipment

  • Road to Smart Manufacturing

Building the road to Smart Manufacturing

  • Speed to Smart Manufacturing

Speed the way to Smart Manufacturing with standards-compliant factory automation software

  • Smart station controllers

Smart station controllers for Smart Manufacturing

  • Archtecting for agility

Architecting for agility: Incorporating IIoT into your data collection

  • HVM

Moving towards high-volume manufacturing with standards

  • Secure data collection

Secure data collection across an OEM’s fleet of tools

  • Security-conscious industry

Using the cloud in a security-conscious industry

  • Incremental approaches

Incremental approaches to Smart Manufacturing

  • Data collection

Data collection strategies for Smart Manufacturing

  • SM Lessons learned

Smart Manufacturing lessons learned

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